About Us

The Phoenix Lottery is the city government-operated lottery available throughout Phoenix, Arizona. It is operated by the Phoenix Lottery Foundation, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. As a city in Arizona, Phoenix Lottery followed the rules of States of Arizona for minimum ages of lottery players, must be at least 21 y.o. The Phoenix Lottery's mission to support Phoenix programs for the public benefit by maximizing revenue in a responsible manner, most of it is education. The Phoenix Lottery only sales Daily 4™ tickets. Millions of players enjoy the games of the Phoenix Lottery every day and the biggest winner of all is Phoenix Education Fund. But the Phoenix Lottery is not just about fun and games. The Phoenix Lottery Supports city of Phoenix and Arizona States Education. Since 2007, the Phoenix Lottery has contributed $10.7 million to the Foundation School Fund, which supports public education in Phoenix and Arizona. In FY 2016, the Phoenix Lottery transferred $2.475 million, its single largest annual contribution to date, to the Foundation School Fund.

Phoenix Lottery's Vision & Mission Statements

Our Core Values

Integrity and Responsibility — The Commission works hard to maintain the public trust by protecting and ensuring the security of our lottery games, systems, drawings and operational facilities. We value and require ethical behavior by our employees, licensees and vendors. We promote the integrity of charitable bingo in Phoenix for the benefit of charitable organizations. Innovation — We strive to incorporate innovation into our products to provide the peoples of Phoenix with the best entertainment experience available through our products. We pursue the use of technology that enhances the services that we provide to our customers and reduces our operating expenses. All proposed innovations must be authorized by Arizona law, and do not include video lottery, casino gaming, internet-based lottery sales, fantasy sports, or any other activities not authorized by law. Fiscal Accountability — We emphasize fiscal accountability by ensuring that all expenditures directly or indirectly generate revenue, enhance security, fulfill regulatory requirements, improve customer service and/or boost productivity. We recognize our responsibility in generating revenue for the city of Phoenix, Arizona without unduly influencing players to participate in our games. We maximize benefits to charities through the continual examination and review of charitable lottery operations. Customer Responsiveness — The Commission takes pride in providing exemplary service to the people of Phoenix, Arizona through the courteous dissemination of clear and accurate information about our products, services and regulatory functions. We seek and respond to feedback expressed by our employees, retailers, licensees and the playing and non-playing public. We apply this feedback in the development of our products and in the services that we provide. Teamwork — We are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect where open, honest communication is our cornerstone. We embrace the diversity of our team and individual perspectives in working together to achieve our common goals. Excellence — We strive for excellence by taking a position of leadership on issues that impact the Commission and achieve challenging goals by focusing on our core values.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent Charitable Lottery agency through innovative leadership.

Our Mission

The Phoenix Lottery is committed to generating revenue for the city of Phoenix and the State of Arizona through the responsible management and sale of entertaining lottery products. The Phoenix Lottery will incorporate the highest standard of security, integrity and responsible gaming principles, set and achieve challenging goals, provide quality customer service and utilize a team approach.